In creating an Ebner print on aluminum, the image is printed in reverse on a special paper called a transfer, with eight different colored inks, (called sublimation dyes) which have a translucent quality that will make images look and feel three-dimensional.  Next we place a blank sheet of specially coated aluminum on the transfer sheet. Using a large press, applying about 2000 pounds of pressure for about two minutes at 400 degrees fahrenheit.  Under the heat and pressure, the sublimation dyes turn into a gas and are saturated into the special coating on the aluminum. After it cools, the transfer paper is removed, unveiling the high gloss, crisp-sharp detailed image.  This finish has a high gloss white base and has the maximum wow factor.

Aluminum reproductions come with a 1/2 inch pvc backing which holds the picture out from the wall. This is called a shadow mount.

The effect is a very high gloss finish and a very upscale contemporary look.  They can be cleaned just like your windows, with a soft cloth and windex.

If desired, frames can be added for indoors.






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